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  • Week 7 of the streak and injury analysis #twit2fit

    Start of week 7 of the streak Given the usual madness of holiday weekends, I didn’t think the streak would survive this onslaught, but I not only got a run in, I managed to hit my target distance of 6.4 miles. Challenge #2:  I woke up with a stiff back.  Not a debilitating, keep me […]

  • Ran for the first time. 2.16 mi in 18:18 #twit2fit

    I intended to go outside to walk 2 miles, despite my back being pretty tight still.  Leaving the gym, I had to decide whether I wanted to bring my iPod Classic (arm band) and phone with me (no pockets).  Doing so would have guaranteed that I wouldn’t have run.  However, I left both behind. I […]