Can you hear me now, #SPRINT?

After following @sprint, they heard me:

Original tirade of mine:

Cash4Gold rip-off

Cash4Gold Will Offer One-Third of the Actual Value for your Gold – an interesting article circulating on Twitter through BoingBoing:  Rob Cockerham writes article critical of Cash4Gold offered cash to kill story

Don’t forget to read the update–Cash4Gold offers money for the site owner to take down or “de-optimize” the site:  Cash 4 Gold would like to melt down and recast their reputation.

The first link above was second in the Google results for Cash4Gold at the time of writing, which led me to the following other interesting results:

10 Confessions Of A Cash4Gold Employee

Cash 4 Gold Complaints – Rip Off

Reporting to LG&E

Storm Information page from LG&E.

Apparently, it does no good to attempt to report a downed line to LG&E.  That option puts you in a call queue for a customer service representative, but that queue expires in about 3 minutes.

In those three minutes, you get loud hold music that cuts out every few seconds, and the warning that you will be waiting for a long time.  Of course, at the end of about three minutes, you get a message about all customer service reps being extremely and you are told to hang up.

Why have a call queue that makes you get back in line every 3 minutes?  Maybe as @bdthomas suggested, they need to take reports via Twitter.  Heck, e-mail, web form, anything.  Let us set it and forget it.