How long until a randomly chosen string of letters with no results shows up in Google if I include it in a post?

Inquiring minds want to know. So, I’m including a string of letters that looks Slavic – yznvenskya – in the first couple of lines of a post.

Update:  Looks like it took less than 16 minutes to show up.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 2.13.19 AM

Death by statistics – Facebook could kill Google


Interesting statistical analysis, although I would equate it to technical trading without knowledge of the underlying stock’s business itself.

Facebook has been suicidal lately.  While one could argue that its redesigns have been for the better, the design churn has aggravated users who find it difficult to find their favorite features in the new design.

Google Search Query shortener: Gog.Is

My favorite site for one-off tech tips has done it again:  Create Short URLs for Google Search Queries with Gog.Is.

Example url:,might,be,addicted,to,twitter

More info on the tool: – the simple google slapper