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  • Initial Impresssions of the iPad

    Initial verdict: I like the iPad itself. However, the price is at least $100 more than I can tolerate. In reality, it’s $200 too much, but I’m giving the benefit of the doubt because of the screen size. I would probably pay $500 for an iPad with contractless 3g, but for WiFi, it seems like […]

  • iPad opinions and articles

    The Truth About the iPad [It Replaces the iPhone?] 2010.04.08 Ars Technica reviews the iPad 2010.04.07 iPad Teething Problems 2010.04.06 paidContent – The Numbers on the iPad’s Debut – 2010.04.04 As Expected, No One Wants Those Expensive Newspaper Apps – 2010.04.04 Mashable – Analyst: 700,000 iPads Sold [REPORT] – 2010.04.03 3 Businesses the iPad can […]