Kentucky Lottery Pick 3 Expected Payout

The expected payouts for the Kentucky Lottery Pick 3 game have an interesting idiosyncrasy. Playing the special “Straight Box” play pays out better than a separate 50¢ straight and 50¢ box play.

All other plays average 60¢ per dollar played, but the straight box seems to be 65¢ and 70¢, depending on the numbers played. Maybe my spreadsheet is wrong somewhere in here:

Kentucky Lottery Pick 3 Payouts and Odds

I always thought that Powerball “Quick Pick” was not random

I always thought it interesting that our big lottery pools at work always ended with a seemingly predictable sequence of numbers.

So, for those of you interested in math/statistics enough to care about truly “random” numbers, but not good enough at math to not play the lottery, you can make your Powerball picks here:

RANDOM.ORG – Lottery Quick Pick.

[Note: I don’t *really* believe that lottery quick picks aren’t sufficiently random.]