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  • Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension

    The whole reason I don’t use Internet Explorer except on rare occasions is that I don’t want website add-ons to automatically install without a little bit of fuss. I would expect this “ClickOnce” support would make accidental installation of malware more likely. No, thanks. I disabled it until I absolutely see a reason that I […]

  • Why does Office Communicator change to Strikethrough?

    I was pressing [CTRL-T] in the wrong window, going back and forth between Firefox and Communicator — see Shortcuts for conversation window. Office Communicator 2007 Keyboard Shortcuts – Help and How-to – Microsoft Office Online.

  • Is cloud computing a threat to Microsoft?

    Washington Times – KELLNER: Cloud computing a Microsoft threat?.  From what I’ve seen, Microsoft is actively combating this with their Software + Services offering. The battle really comes down to whether you want to drive the car of your choice to work (desktops apps), or depend on public transportation (cloud).  Software + services is like […]