Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension


The whole reason I don’t use Internet Explorer except on rare occasions is that I don’t want website add-ons to automatically install without a little bit of fuss. I would expect this “ClickOnce” support would make accidental installation of malware more likely. No, thanks. I disabled it until I absolutely see a reason that I need it–which is my normal policy with Firefox add-ons.

Security Fix – Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension.

Why does Office Communicator change to Strikethrough?

I was pressing [CTRL-T] in the wrong window, going back and forth between Firefox and Communicator — see Shortcuts for conversation window.

Office Communicator 2007 Keyboard Shortcuts – Help and How-to – Microsoft Office Online.

Is cloud computing a threat to Microsoft?

Washington Times – KELLNER: Cloud computing a Microsoft threat?.  From what I’ve seen, Microsoft is actively combating this with their Software + Services offering.

The battle really comes down to whether you want to drive the car of your choice to work (desktops apps), or depend on public transportation (cloud).  Software + services is like having a Hummer H3 and an unlimited booklet of bus passes   (Personally, I’d prefer cheaper personal transport).

Of course, there are risks with cloud computing as well (What’s your “Web Service Tanked” contigency plan?)  Nothing like a transportation worker strike to kill public transportation and leave you stranded with no way home.

Cloud wars are on the horizon.  Yes, running standalone apps are an expensive and inflexible form of transportation.  However, will the business side tolerate staying in the clouds all the time without the option of being able to operate from extended periods on the ground?  I understand that there are offline modes for the best offerings, but they’re short term contingencies, not long term operational options.