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  • 10,000 miles running.

    千里之行﹐始於足下。 A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step — Lao Zi It’s been a long time coming. 65 days worth of running time coming. Over 5 years since I ran my first continuous mile. 35 of those initial miles had no running at all–those in April and early May of 2006. Many […]

  • A journey of 5,000 miles begins with one mile.

    1,189 days ago, on April 24,2006, I began a quest that was doomed to fail like so many times before. I weighed over 220 lbs. At some point during the preceding winter, I weighed over 230 lbs (at just under 5’8″).  That’s a BMI of 35.5–obese. Something was different this time.  My 20-month-old daughter might […]