The best cheat sheets for programming

Cheat Sheets – Added Bytes – a great collection of cheat sheets for Python, Subversion, Regular Expressions, mod_rewrite, PHP, CSS, SQL Server, HTML, Ruby on Rails, ASP/VBScript, JavaScript, HTML Character Entities, MySQL, RGB Hex Colors

O’Reilly Book: Programming C#

Programming C#: Building .NET Applications with C#

I’m not always impressed with books published under the O’Reilly label. I usually find them much more useful as a reference guide than a learning tool.

This book, however, stands out. As someone well-versed in Java and C++ concepts, this book was a helpful introduction to C#. Whenever a topic was presented in which Visual Basic, C++ or Java differed, there was an information box for the section pointing out the differences in C# compared to the other language mentioned.

How Not to Program in C++

How Not to Program in C++: 111 Broken Programs and 3 Working Ones, or Why Does 2 + 2 = 5986
I expected many great things from this book. I got mixed results. I usually enjoy figuring out “Bugs of the Day” and the like, but this was book was largely a mix of grading papers from an introductory programming class and debugging buggy programs at work.

Low points:

  • Debugging printf format specifiers and forward slash for escaping characters.
  • A few fairly long programs with somewhat trivial errors.

High points:

  • Bugs encountered as a result of optimizing compilers.
  • Exploring of lesser used features of the C/C++ language
  • Some interesting puzzles to find where initialization and/or destruction order went wrong.