Twitter as Record of the Evolution of Language

In Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue, John McWhorter presents the case that the Celts were the reason for the introduction of the “meaningless ‘do’” in the English language, and presents other similar implicit influences that have no recorded evolution in formal language. Counterarguments cite that since the evolution wasn’t written down, it didn’t happen that way. […]

Twitter Bootstrap Modal Won’t Load Content from Another (“Remote”) Page

Short answer You apparently need a skeleton [modal … modal-body … /modal] for your data-target, not just an empty modal with the data-target. A Programmer’s False Assumptions – The API is Broken or Old Initially, I was concerned that my Rails plugin wasn’t using a version of Bootstrap that didn’t include the remote loading of […]

All Twitter clients are worthless

That was my thought today as I was looking at the wonderfully developed, yet totally worthless, TweetDeck. Tweetdeck is so far my favorite, despite playing with Seesmic Desktop, and sobees bDule. It seems like everyone has their own Twitter client: there are Excel clients, shell script clients, Perl clients, and many online Twitter interfaces. What […]

Is the #Twitpocalypse overhyped?

Initially heard through Programmable Web: The Twitpocalypse is Near: Will Your Twitter Client Survive?, twitter is rapidly approaching the maximum for a 32-bit signed int. You can view the countdown here. This got a also mention at GigaOM: Today, We Think Think Twitter is Dead (for now). While the Twitpocalypse was not the primary topic […]

Breaking down Tweetdeck configuration and storage.

I decided to look at the possibility of eventually exporting the configuration data contained in TweetDeck: You can find the groups, friends, and columns settings in a SQLite database file in a path like: C:Documents and Settings{USERNAME}Application DataTweetDeckFast.{some hideously long hex string}Local Storetd_{version?}_{twitter username}.db I used SQLite database browser to look at this file. (I […]

Thoughts on “Why Big Brands Struggle With Social Media”

Mashable:  Why Big Brands Struggle With Social Media. The reference example in this article is Twitter, but discussion boards, blogs, and social networking sites count, too. Understating social media as “just another marketing channel” instead of building a long term relationship with consumers. Social media does not fit in the existing corporate structure–it falls somewhere […]

Clearly I missed out on all the fun.

Apparently, there was another exploit on Twitter today?  #dontclick Those exploited would end up tweeting the following message: Don’t Click: So, it was a Twitter worm by way of clickjacking.  Though I missed out on the fun, I learned a new security term:  CSRF (Cross-site request forgery).  I tell you, security geeks get to […]