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  • Twitter as Record of the Evolution of Language

    In Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue, John McWhorter presents the case that the Celts were the reason for the introduction of the “meaningless ‘do’” in the English language, and presents other similar implicit influences that have no recorded evolution in formal language. Counterarguments cite that since the evolution wasn’t written down, it didn’t happen that way. […]

  • Twitter Bootstrap Modal Won’t Load Content from Another (“Remote”) Page

    Short answer You apparently need a skeleton [modal … modal-body … /modal] for your data-target, not just an empty modal with the data-target. A Programmer’s False Assumptions – The API is Broken or Old Initially, I was concerned that my Rails plugin wasn’t using a version of Bootstrap that didn’t include the remote loading of […]

  • Getting an RSS feed of a user’s Twitter timeline

    I like to keep a few Twitter feeds in my RSS reader, but can never remember how to get them from Twitter. I found “Creating an RSS feed of a users Twitter timeline“… However, I found there is a simpler method (for now)–replace USERNAME with the twitter name. This probably fails when a user changes […]