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  • MediaWiki on xampp

    Okay, I installed¬† JSPWiki on xampp on an SD card to have an isolated sandbox for JSPWiki.¬† The install was space intensive due to the number of small files added with Tomcat and JSPWiki.¬† The install was also not entirely portable, in that the only systems that could run the setup from the SD card […]

  • Installing JSPWiki on an XAMPP for Windows install

    I’ve been experimenting with XAMPP as a way to setup a temporary and transportable Apache install with PHP, MySQL, and a database admin tool (phpMyAdmin). Before starting, be sure to have Sun J2EE 5.x SDK (or higher) installed. As mentioned on PortableApps.com, by following the “Installation” without the installer instructions, XAMPP will run from a […]