.zlogin (or .zshrc) parse error near `\n’

This code was at the end of my .zlogin on my mac and was causing .zlogin:152: parse error near `\n’. The problem is rather bone-headed, but I went through trying to :set ff=unix, :set ff=mac in vim to try and remedy bad line endings. function notify_preexec() { # Note the date when the command started, […]

zsh alias to make and apply patch with git diff

I keep having to look up [patching with git diff](http://tamsler.blogspot.com/2009/02/patching-with-git-diff.html) to remember the syntax whenever I want to create and apply a patch file. Solution? Create an alias for it. It only uses one file, /tmp/patchfile, so don’t try to manage multiple patches with this (maybe I’ll make more intelligent/sophisticated someday. In my .zlogin, I […]

Call up JIRA tasks from zsh using .oh-my-zsh

This was called to my attention via Didn't realize that @ohmyzsh came with a Jira plugin for opening a browser for the issue. #timesaver — Ray Pierce (@pierceray) May 5, 2014 [Current instructions are in the plugin source](https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/blob/master/plugins/jira/jira.plugin.zsh) The setup: In .zshrc, add jira to plugins and JIRA_RAPID_BOARD=true if you use Rapid Board. # # […]