Harvard Business Review on Managing Your Career

Picked up in the airport while waiting for my flight, this book is geared toward the mid-level manager/executive–but the ideas are not hard to stretch to applications for even the everyday employee. At the beginning of each article is an executive summary.

There are eight articles in this book:

  • "Reawakening Your Passion for Work" – Listening to a calling, taking time out, and general examination of where you are and where you want to be.
  • "Goodbye Career, Hello Success" – Sometimes a successful career is not a conventional career.
  • "The Right Way to Be Fired" – How to avoid self-destructive behavior and manage the circumstances of being fired.
  • "Managing Oneself" – Knowing oneself, strengths, weaknesses, values, work and communication methods for more effective performance and teamwork.
  • "A Second Career: The Possible Dream" – Knowing what path and under what circumstances to follow that new path.
  • "Five Strategies of Successful Part-Time Work" – Establishing boundaries, communicating your value, and managing expectations when voluntarily moving to a part-time role.
  • "Managing Your Boss" – A foreign concept at the original writing of the topic, this article is on communicating with your boss–in the right way.
  • "A Survival Guide for Leaders" – Leading adaptive change, and the pitfalls therein.

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