Research performed trying to get wireless card working on a laptop

“bcm4306 linux” search:
Dossy’s Blog: Linksys WMP54GS with Broadcom chipset under Linux
How to Get One 802.11g Wireless Card to Work on Linux

“wmp54gs driver” search:
WinDrivers Computer Tech Support Forums – Linksys WMP54GS Wireless with Linux
HARDWARE wmp54gs – Gentoo Linux Wiki

“‘no version of ndiswrapper found’”
Ndiswrapper Package Broken? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums Conclusion: use 1.18 version of ndiswrapper in ubuntu.

“BCM43xx_IRQ_XMIT_ERROR” search
Problems with wlan bcm43xx – Ubuntu forums

Need to look into Linuxant:

1) Move wpa_supplicant binary to /usr/sbin/ and rename to “dldr_wpa_supplicant”
2) Move wpa_supplicant.conf to /etc/driverloader/ and rename to dldr_wpa_supplicant..conf, where interface is your interface name (mine was eth1)
3) Reboot

Tried adding pci=routeirq to boot parameters in /boot/grub/menu.lst

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