I have got to get me one of these.

I was searching for quad core on Amazon.com. I noticed that there were (5) desktops and (1) notebook. Actually, I think it was more like 2 desktops in reality… the others were processors.

I clicked on the quad-core notebook result. Not a notebook… 70 lbs. I believe it also sells for more like $2400, anyway.

Somewhat haphazard technical specs…

  • 2(two) Quad Core Xeon Intel Xeom X5355 2.66 Ghz (xeom… that’s a new one on me. I wonder if the misspelling is intentional)
  • BOOT 160gb sata hd, 10k rpm with 16 mb databurst cache
  • 160gb sata hd, 2(two)500 sata hd, FD,
  • 16 GB ddr2 sdram(8 DIMMS), 48X/32X CDRW/DVD
  • Sound blaster X-Fi, 256 MB PCIe nVidia quadro FX3450. DUAL DVI

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