Second week after the Flying Pig.

Monday’s run felt pretty good, but seemed to run long by the last two miles.

Proof than I do not control my pace well on an "easy run". – Tuesday’s run was nice because it was outside, but I did not keep my pace under control, and probably canceled out its effect as an easy run. Started with outside foot pain (3 out of 10). Knees, back, and hip felt tight (4 out of 10).

Tried to run a 4 mile tempo run @ 7'26" pace yesterday. Ran out of gas @ 0.8 miles. 8’38” pace for 6 miles. Knees, back, and hip felt tight again (4 out of 10).

Legs still need recovery, but pain is diminishing this morning.

I have lodging for the Hatfield McCoy Marathon… haven’t registered for it yet.

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