Hatfield McCoy Marathon

As for race report: My perspective will be tainted by the fact that my legs were still sore (hamstrings, gluts) from crashing into waves on Thursday and a 12 hour car ride Friday. All I had at the start was a 8’50” pace on the flat/downhill start. It got worse from there. My time was a painful 4:42 and change.

The big hill between 6 and 8 wasn’t really an issue, but it took away what I had left. Down hill from there was steep, but also helped gain quite a bit of time.

The rest of the course was rolling hills forever, slick roads (from the incessant rain), and very nice scenery for my casual jog/walk at the end.

Motion Based Elevation Gain (ft) +3,877 / -3,869

Race Map:


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