My Hatfield-McCoy placement:

Field Placement: 108 / 210 (51.4%)
Age group: 30 – 34
Group Placement: 9 / 12 (75%)
Gender Placement: 82 / 142 (57.7%)

I refuse to take this lying down, standing up, or anything in between.

I haven’t finished in the bottom half of the field since September ’06 (15k, 2nd race), 3 months after I ran my first mile EVER.

This is intolerable, even given the tough course, lack of rest, possibly tougher overall competitors… this was just an unacceptable showing for my conditioning level.

I don’t care about the time. It’s WAY more personal than that. My goal is top quarter in my age group. Next year. Period.

For this year’s race, that would have been a 3:48.

This is not me whining. This is me finding motivation for the next 12 months of my running.

I have printed out my Run Entry for myself to stare at.

This will be the rottweiler at my heels whenever I think about walking on a long run.

I may have to sign up for Flying Monkey as a training race.


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