If you’re talking on a cell phone…

If you’re talking on a cell phone (at 7 am, even) so intently that you cannot see what is in front of you and cannot remember your turn signal… Hang up, or park your car.

And don’t park your car on or across the sidewalk. It’s for pedestrians, not cars.

If you cannot see the area you’re about to drive into, whether from sun, rain, snow, or dirty windshield, do NOT proceed. These are not excuses for a hitting cyclist or pedestrian.

I understand that the American driving public is unfamiliar with the purpose of a crosswalk, but they are not to be used for target practice. Especially in a parking lot.

2 responses to “If you’re talking on a cell phone…”

  1. I can think of 2 ways that rarely fail to get a driver’s attention. The first is to slide across the hood “Dukes of Hazzard” style, and the second is to run over the roof of the car.

    I’ll note that I haven’t done anything that reckless since I was in college, but it worked every time I tried or that I saw it done. Usually we had to chase the car down and catch up to it at a stop light though.

    One of my teammates had some racial epithets yelled at him as the car went by, and he caught them at a stop light. He didn’t run over the car, he just reached through the window, pulled the kid out of the passenger seat and threw him onto the hood. I think that managed to get the point across.

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