Nice little “rural” Fern Creek run.

Crossed paths of cyclists on Seatonville Rd five times this morning. Most of them were pleasant, one of them was a bit anti-social.

I’ve decided that my favorite drivers are in the 60+ age group and drive 10+ year old pickup trucks in very good condition. Generally, these drivers pass carefully with a decent amount of room, and always wave when I acknowledge their courtesy.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are people with brand new trucks, especially those that are not being used as work trucks. They seem intent on creating as much wake as possible when they drive by.

I ran my 16 in 75’F weather, without Camelbak, hat, or cell phone. Pretty liberating, really. Didn’t feel any ill-effects from a lack of water. I hit my target of 8’45” miles with 2 seconds per mile to spare. Elevation Gain (ft) +903 / -899