A bit warm for the work out and back

The parking lot was hot and windless, but most of the run had a little bit of breeze.

Even better… I came back to my desk to the following KAIRE e-mail. Considering half of my run is in an industrial park, I should probably take more notice of these.

An Air Quality Alert has been declared for the Louisville Metro area for Tuesday, July 29. Fine particles (PM2.5) are expected to reach an AQI of 106. The area has experienced unexpected high levels of fine particles this morning. Levels are increasing as we head into the afternoon and are expected to peak in the Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups range.

Pollen forecast… allergies not really bothering me today.

Today’s allergy levels:
Tuesday – 6/Medium

Today’s predominant pollen:
Grass, Nettle and Plantain.

Total Time 0:55:40 (9:04 pace)
Distance 6.13 miles
Temperature 84.2°F avg temp

Elevation Gain (ft) +270 / -275

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