I love the smell of garbage in the morning.

I love the smell of garbage in the morning. Passed two garbage trucks in the neighborhood at the end of my out and back, along with several freshly emptied cans along the way. Yuck. Not exactly a motivating smell in the morning when the air is already thick from humidity.

Supposedly, all of this humidity was supposed to be in the form of fog, and probably would have had the temperature gotten closer to the dew point. Instead, I experienced a warm morning run at 80-90% humidity.

Devil dog appeared over the privacy fence (via high jump) in the same neighborhood. I’ve heard the doberman before, but saw her head today. Twice.

Slight variation of my normal morning run.

Distance:8.24 miles in 1:15:01
Pace: 9’07” / mile
Weather:76° F, Overcast, Humid

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