Okay, maybe treadmill running would be beneficial

I broke myself of the treadmill habit after

  • new treadmills were installed in the gym (with a more honest speed and incline calibration)
  • beginning carpooling (arriving @ 5:30 to 6:00am is not feasible for everyone)

With the new treadmills on 1%, I built some solid strength. Other benefits that I missed:

  • Softer landing surface
  • Consistent pacing — easier at beginning, but harder at end.
  • Controlled pacing — I was running 30-60 seconds too fast, and then trying to maintain. I probably killed the tendon around my ankle this way and some knee.

I still went too fast: 5.68 Miles in 50:00… 8’49” pace. I tried starting at 6.4 mph, but my entertainment options on the TV were limited. Also, someone asked to “borrow” the remote for the TV. I did not see it return, so I was stuck on the current channel unless I wanted to break stride. Because of this, I sped up to wrap up. Such are the perils of a treadmill in a gym.

One response to “Okay, maybe treadmill running would be beneficial”

  1. The treadmill is a dreadful device but a necessary device for the reasons you mention. I also use the treadmill for speedwork to force myself to run a certain pace when doing Yassos, etc.

    But tonight? Tonight I’m pounding the pavement and getting some fresh air.

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