As for me, I plead insanity.

I’m shooting for 60 miles this week all of a sudden, after 42 last week. My legs/brain may change my mind later.

Lunch workout: 6 miles in 55’09” at a 1% incline on the treadmill (Precor 966i).

Ran to the Rutter Requiem

It’s not nearly long enough for 6 miles at my pace (under 40 minutes), plus I need some noise-blocking headphones to hear 50% of the work. Crazy that I even attempted to listen to it, but it came up while I was shuffling through the music library.

Queen’s “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions” and Hurd/Canedo “Mass of Glory” rounded out the listening selections. Church music geekdom on this run.

Modified 8/1/2008:
I slept in and missed my 6 miler. No 60 mile week for me this week.

One response to “As for me, I plead insanity.”

  1. If you’re going from 42 to 60, I would recommend taking it easy. I understand that you probably won’t but I thought I should at least leave a comment saying as much so I can tell you that “I told you so” later.

    Good luck.

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