Fresh install of Linux on add old laptop – Linux Mint

To clarify, I installed Linux Mint "Elyssa" – XFCE Community Edition.  The Kubuntu 7.04 install that I had on this laptop seemed to run fairly slowly, so I decided to experiment with a lighter weight, yet still full featured, setup.

I hardly had to intervene with the install.  I was asked to set up a user, whether I wanted to set up a root account, and whether I wanted fortune to run when I opened a terminal (ok, so there was probably language and time zone stuff, too).

Oh…  my fortune:
/ You attempt things that you do not even
plan because of your extreme stupidity. /
      __    _/_/
           (__)       )/
               ||—-w |
               ||     ||
How nice.

There is an XFCE 4 mintConfig, which has a nice interface…  I was looking for WPA setup, and it's there under networking (WPA 1 & 2).  However, I have not been successful at accessing my router.  I think my Linksys wireless card is toast, so I'll have to test with another card.

One big plus here is that Firefox runs well on a Toshiba Satellite A15-S127.

I may post more once I get wireless running.

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