Mid-week update

The first two days' runs this week were tedious, easy runs, in which I was recovering from the crash-and-burn 16 miler on Saturday, plus the nickel-sized blister which I acquired during that run.
9/29/2008 Easy 7.21 Miles in 1:05:00 (9'01" pace) – had blister band-aid, blister formed around it.  Nice.

9/30/2008 Easy 7.56 Miles in 1:08:00 (9'00" pace) – The whole blister popped here…  I had taped, retaped, gauzed, etc…

10/1/2008 Tempo 7.14 Miles in 1:00:00 (8'25" pace):
Ok, I was awakened at 4am to take care of my fussy baby boy.  I got a few nods in, but ended up craving some of the Blue Bell Ice Cream — Banana Pudding flavor, so I had some of that.  I got to work, and I was craving salt…  so I got food from the breakfast bar at work…  eggs, tater tots, and a biscuit with sausage gravy.

My run:
1 mile warm up @ 9'13"
2 miles @ 8'00"
1 mile @ 7'54"
1 mile @ 7'48"
2 miles cool down @ 8'57" w/ a pick-up at end at 6'08" pace.

Then lunch…  Taco Bell Nachos Supreme (Express)

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