Ran 19 miles in two segments today

Ran with a group today for the first part of my long run with Trent from RunningAhead and a co-worker. Co-worker has a natural 3:30 marathon pace, with a BQ under his belt. Trent led the way, and we managed to keep exactly on my “target” LR/ER pace of 9’18”.

Total Time (h:m:s) 1:33:05 (9:18 pace)
Distance (mi ) 10.01
Elevation Gain (ft) +489 / -505

Elevation Chart:

Then we proceeded to stand around for 18 minutes of blabbing/recovery… then I finished my “18 miler” by getting lost on the way back from downtown:

Total Time (h:m:s) 1:29:33 (9:48 pace)
Distance (mi ) 9.12
Elevation Gain (ft) +402 / -399

Elevation Chart:

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  1. I have no idea why but when I used to read your comments over on Running Ahead I thought of you being a woman. Your avatar is a dog so it doesn’t speak to being male or female, maybe just an error I made along the way and my mind kept telling me you were a woman. I then clicked on your name today and there is a picture of you from OBX and I was corrected.

    Good luck in your upcoming races. You doing the Monkey with Trent?

    Hasher Rick

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