My current Insight cable speed tests.

(No, I’m not just trying to squeeze maximum throughput here–I just want basic pages to load properly–the slow speeds are yet another indicator that there is a problem.)

Under IE 7:

Under Firefox 3:

These are actually excellent results for me right now… I’ve been dropping to 88 Kps down/22 Kps up. Aggravating thing is, at certain times of the day, I get over 3000 Kbs up and over 300 Kbs down (sometimes 7000 up, 700 down). Supposedly, since my line is “good” (according to the tech at the call center) and behavior just as bad without router plugged in, it hasto be the modem. I don’t really have time to drive to Insight office to get replacement and then hook up. Besides, I told the tech that connection has been inconsistent since the storm. I guess it’s cheaper for me to come have the modem replaced than to have someone check the line these days.

At least when I used to have bad internet service before, I’d at least get decent/on-site service. I guess I need to “power down/power up” 30 times, try turning the cable modem upside down, and letting the water run before getting a tech out here.

Dear Insight Broadband, Please Treat Your Customers with Respect
Insight want to save? you money

So far so good with the new modem:

This should tide me over until my cell phone contract runs out, at least.

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