In a time when I’m aggravated at Insight, Verizon cheers me so…

…of course, only in a schadenfreude kind of way.

Part of my reluctance to change carriers for phone and internet service is the whole “devil you know” dilemma. I’ve never really considered Verizon a viable option for my needs, and I know very few people in the area that are on Verizon.

Verizon plays fast and loose with the wrong 1,200 e-mail addresses is an almost juvenile example of Verizon’s customer service failings… just a mere mass e-mail with a cc: version bcc: used for the mailing list, plus some exchange server glitches. There’s also the equally juvenile Run-amok Verizon robo-caller torments 1,400 customers incident.

When I think Verizon, I think of: Verizon CEO thinks it’s unreasonable to expect your cellphone to work at home or Verizon doesn’t know dollars from cents… Oh yeah, and 792 Octillion Dollars.

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