Trying to dig up IT relevant podcasts

Any suggestions?

InfoWorld Podcasts: These look promising…

  • Infoworld Daily – includes a general tech news segment which is repeated in the NetworkWorld 360 podcast as well.
  • The Virtualization Report
  • Storage Sprawl
  • The SOA Report
  • …a few discontinued ones are out there, too.
Enterprise 2.0 podcasts – looks like recordings from a conference? I’ll have to download and check them out tonight. Not as promising as the Infoworld ones. I see that a lone spammer has managed to post spam comments in “response” to a few of the links.
NetworkWorld podcasts: Again, some promise here.
  • NetworkWorld’s Twisted Pair (this sounds more like entertainment, but possibly relevant news)
  • NetworkWorld Panorama
  • NetworkWorld 360 – includes a general tech news segment.
  • Voices from the IT Roadmap
  • NetworkWorld’s Newsmaker of the Week
  • Forrester Fundamentals
  • Network Downtime (entertainment)
  • Converging on Microsoft
  • Cisco News and Reviews
  • JavaWorld’s Java Technology Insider
  • LinuxCast

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