Classic Blogger and PHP?

A question via e-mail:

I stumbled upon your blog:
What I noticed – and it's something that I wanted also – is that your blogpages are all ending in .php, even your individual blogpost pages (

How do you do that in settings? I can only get the index page to end as PHP. The individual posts remain in HTML.

Could you share this nugget of wisdom with me?

(Note:  I've only done this publishing to another host via FTP)

In Blogger dashboard, click the [Settings] link for your blog.

Under the [Settings] Tab -> [Publishing] Tab, edit the Blog Filename field. (index.html -> index.php)

There is also a setting for the archive file:
Under the [Settings] Tab -> [Archive] Tab, edit the Archive filename field. (archive.html -> archive.php)

One more thing to note…  all the old *.html files will still be left on the server, so if you want them removed, you'll have to clean them yourself.

(You may also want to redirect old links to the new extension).

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