Insight DNS issues #insight

Half of my DNS requests are timing out, and DHCP release/renew works about 50% of the time…


Initial Question/Comment: Half my DNS requests are failing, DHCP renew fails half the time.
8:29:33 PM SystemSystem
Ashley H has joined this session!
8:29:33 PM SystemSystem
Connected with Ashley H
8:29:33 PM SystemSystem
Thank you for contacting Insight Communications Customer Netchat Support, please allow me a moment to read your question and I will be more than happy to assist you.
8:29:53 PM AgentAshley H
We are currently experiencing dns issues in your area that may cause slow browsing speeds or intermittent issues loading pages.

…Hey Insight, Power Down and Power Up. It’s easy!

Added @ 8:50 PM:
Thanks to @DanielLight I’m using OpenDNS now.

Of course, now I can’t connect to the server addresses half the time. Thanks, Insight!

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