Made a space for my “tech notes”

I’m moving my tech stuff to (Tech Space)

I originally created three sites on my domain:

linux-notes – I started my blogging experiment here.
vim – My “adventures” in vim, not a very broad audience, but I liked keeping public notes on my favorite programming editor here.
developernotes – I realized that I was researching and wanting to publicly note things that did not apply to the other two blogs.

Moreover, my role and experience has changed in general. I’m no longer a full-time developer. I haven’t been that for a year or more. I still research programming and system configuration, but I just as often research technology, trends, and concepts. I had been using the “developer notes” blog for this, but I was starting to branch out into a new blog when it hit me. I *really* needed to kick the blogger habit. Therefore, I have started a new home with a shiny wordpress theme at

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