First race of the year: Hangover Classic #twit2fit

I raced the 10 mile Hangover Classic in (East of) Downtown Louisville this morning. The forecasts were saying start temperature would be low 30s, but reality was that my warm-up at 9:15 was at about 19°F, and start was probably low 20s still. The course is amazing flat, with an average grade of about 1.6%. With the air temperature generally very cold, the race is about as fast as you can get.

Summary Data
Moving Time (h:m:s) 1:15:39 7:30 pace
Distance (mi ) 10.08
Moving Speed (mph) 8.0 avg. 11.8 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +412 / -422
Temperature (°F) 28.4°F avg. 32°F high
Wind Speed ( mph) SE 8.8 avg. SE 9.2 max.

I set my Garmin to pace me for a 7’15” pace, trying to beat my Papa John’s 10 miler PR (which is a little warmer and a little bit hillier with Iroquois Park in the middle). I struggled to hit 7’15” pace even once, but stayed below 7’30” pace until the wheels came off in the 8th mile. My legs had no kick left, and I had some major side stitches creeping in. I also managed to run the course inefficiently, adding about 0.05 from running wide on several turns.

Warm up:1.6 miles in 14:28 for a 9’01” pace.
Recovery: 2.51 miles in 26:28 for a 10’31” pace

I started the morning with a bit of a cold and my mileage has dropped off of late. Looks like I’ll be looking at the Papa John’s 10 miler this year to break the 75 minute mark.

(mi )
1 7:16 1.00
2 7:15 1.00
3 7:24 1.00
4 7:28 1.00
5 7:21 1.00
6 7:22 1.00
7 7:29 1.00
8 7:44 1.00
9 7:44 1.00
10 7:52 1.00
11 0:37 0.08

Elevation Chart:

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