Recovery Run on the Grassy Knoll #twit2fit

10.44 miles in 1:38:48 (9’28″/mile pace)–38’F to start, and a bit windy.

This is quite a bit slower than I usually allow myself to go, but still probably a little too fast for the day after a race. Today I did a few more sidewalk-less connections along Billtown and Bardstown Roads, running in the grass. While I’m still uneasy about the unevenness of some grassy areas (especially along Billtown), the grass provides a little bit of relief from the hard surfaces, especially the concrete sidewalks.

I pulled down the ear warmers about halfway, but when I turned up Michael Edward Drive, I turned headlong into a wind tunnel and put the (now wet and cold) ear warmers on for protection.

I had some concern about my SI joint injury and left shin pain, but both were manageable with the slower tempo.

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