A little more daring 15 mirun from Saturday #twit2fit

For those familiar with Fern Creek/J-town…

  • I ran down Fairground Rd (w/o sidewalk) to Old Fairground Woods – Out and back (mile 1-2)
  • Out Brandywine to Bardstown Rd (mile 3)
  • Down St Gabriel to Cool Brook (with a steep climb to Michael Edward) (mile 4)
  • Did a loop in the Nottinghamshire Neighborhood (Laverne, Stillmeadow, Nottinghamshire, Longborough) off Stonybrook
  • Out Stonybrook to Six Mile/Galene
  • Galene over to Old Six Mile to Taylorsville Rd
  • Down Taylorsville Rd to the Springview neighborhood

Elevation Change Total (ft)
Total Elevation 2,047
Elevation Gain 1,023
Elevation Loss 1,023


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