Strength Training and Stretching Workout #twit2fit

I don’t like strength training or stretching, but I am unable to do any walking, elliptical, stairs, or biking due to my piriformis bursitis…

RunningAHEAD – Strings_n_88keys’s log: View Workout.

(Raised Leg) Ball Pushups 8×37, 296 total.  12,152 since 12/27/2008.

Bicep Curls (each arm) 9×11, 1×3 – 20 lbs.  303 since 2/14/2009.

AROM lumbar alt arm/leg (hip bird dog) w/ball  3×10
AROM hip/knee flx supine 3×10
AROM lumbar rotn supine 20
Knee Grab (Left) 3x
Hip Extension 3×15
AROM hip/knee flx supine 3×10

Left Piriformis Stretch, Left Figure 4, Right Figure 4, Right Piriformis Stretch 3x

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