Jogging Failboat – New Workout Type #twit2fit

I took my 8 month old for a 4 1/2 mile runjog in the jogging strollerfailboat.  I’m already slightly unaccustomed to running in the sunny warm weather, running on hills, running without foam cushioning (used my Mizunos today).  I decided to add to that a nice bulky jogging stroller and a 15 pound child.

This wasn’t so bad until I started running into a head wind and the 8 mph breeze was being fully caught by the jogging stroller, dropping me from an effortless 9’30” pace jog to a taxing 11+ minute pace jog.  Nonetheless, I stayed under my easy target pace of 10 min/miles:

4.76 miles in 47’05” for 9’54” / mile

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