My first double run in a while #twit2fit

Okay, it’s not a classic double for me.  I rarely split runs into two separate runs unless I’m going past 90 minutes (usually not until 120 minutes).  However, I need to restrict my lunch run to 45 minutes and I also need to be able to run at slower than a 10-minute pace.  Both of these factors meant that I needed to get in about half the run this morning (3.6 miles in 35’24”).  I’ll attempt to restrict my lunch run to 5.5 mph or slower for 4 miles.  Wish me luck.

As for the streaking, I’m on day 60 of my running streak and on day 35 of my physical therapy exercise streak.


Second run of the day:  4 miles in 43’50” (10’58” pace) and  0.36 mile, 5 minute recovery at -3% incline (13’54” pace)

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