Help… I’m working on a 70-mile week, with a goal marathon on 11/8… #running

Ok, clarification…  the help I seek is with my plan, not with my sanity.

Working on a 70-mile week, goal marathon 11/8.

[Training log summary]

Should I push through to 80 miles over the next 4 weeks or down to the 50-60 mile range and work on pacing?  Currently, my easy runs are in the mid-upper 9s, but with rest days, probably would be in the mid-8s.

Any thoughts?

My best marathon performance ever (by 50 minutes) was on a 6/12/18 week average of a 45/46/47 miles.  Current stats on my 6/12/18 week averages are 56/49/40 miles.  That PR marathon was on a ramp up to 60 through February 17th, with races of 5k/10k/10Mile/half in between then and a May 4th marathon.

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