23.17 miles in 3:37:28 (9:24/mile) #twit2fit #running

Sunrise at Seatonville Rd and Shaffer Ln

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to actually run at dawn for my weekend long run.  The first picture that you see is at about mile 4.5 of my (planned 22-mile) long run.  I would not recommend running Seatonville Rd during the week, but very early Saturday morning, especially at dawn at the beginning summer, is pretty quiet.  Since sunrise is quite a bit later now, Seatonville Rd was pretty busy until I passed Shaffer Ln.

This is one of the many reasons I do not run with headphones in general.  Seatonville Rd is a two-lane road with very little shoulder, but is completely manageable if you hear the cars coming.

Sunrise at Seatonville Rd overpass over I-265

The second photo you see is a few hundred feet later, as I passed over the Gene Snyder Freeway. I continued on down Seatonville Road until it intersects with Broad Run Road and Brentlinger Lane (before it reaches the end of Billtown Road). I was also able to run down Broad Run Road until it takes a steep curve with a guardrail. Since there’s no opportunity to bail off the road at that point, I turned around and retraced my steps back to Bardstown Road.  The rest of my run was slightly less enjoyable, as a little bit of fatigue set in and running along Hurstbourne Parkway and Taylorsville Road wore me down some.

Of course, I managed to run my 23 miles on tired legs a little bit faster that my recent long runs have been.

The route map:

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