Progressive Long Run (16 miles) while watching the game #twit2fit #running

One of the things that’s great about football season is that you can easily do a long run on the treadmill while watching the game.  I did mine today at home on my Sole F80 at a 1% incline (watching the UofL-UK game).

I’ve been doing my long runs at a progressive pace, starting moderately slowly (easy/recovery pace) and ending close to my tempo run pace.

Today, I started at 6.0 mph, or a 10’00” pace for the first mile, speeding up 0.1 mph for every successive mile.  This put the last mile of my 16 mile long run @ 7.5 mph, or 8’00” pace.  For the last mile, I also ran a couple “strides” in the last half mile at about 6’00” to 6’15” pace.

My entire run:  16 miles in 2:22:22, or average 8’54″/mile pace.

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