2 days x 2 runs x 6 miles. Daily doubles #running #twit2fit

Monday morning/lunch:

  • 6.27 Miles in 1:00:00
  • 6.01 Miles in 54:35

Tuesday morning/lunch:

  • 6 Miles in 55:30
  • 6.02 Miles in 57:33

I finished my second consecutive day of 6 mile double runs.  I’m aiming for 70 miles this week, and I’d prefer to do 5×10-mile days and 1 20-mile day, but 10 miles at a 9-10 minute pace don’t fit neatly into the work day, nor does waking up and running outside at 5:30 am work that well, plus kids…  you get the idea.

So, instead, I’m breaking runs up into 6-mile segments, which is manageable for squeezing into the schedule.  I may stretch my long run to 22 miles and run it on the treadmill while watching football on Saturday.  Who knows.

My rolling 7-day total is 70.3 miles.  The last time I ran a 70-mile “week” (Monday-Sunday), my rolling 7-day total was in the mid-80s for a couple of the days, and I felt my sacroiliac joint pain flare up.  I’ll try to run more evenly this time.

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