Never been so disappointed in a sub-3 hour 20 mile long run #running #twit2fit

I tried to repeat the workout that I pulled off last week–5-4-3-2-1 @ MP on a long run.  Last week, that run made me feel that I had a shot at 3:20 for a marathon.  This week, my run made me feel I would struggle to hit my PR.  While I *did* add 2 miles to the week and long run distance, my 20 miler today was 50 seconds per mile slower than my 18 miler last week.  Not to mention that the weather was much cooler this weekend.

I have had low quality runs this week, and had quite a bit of trouble with coughing today.  I also dropped about 2 pounds this week, and spent an hour and a half straight standing up last night and was feeling pretty sick last night.  I’m feeling quite a bit better now, although I still have this lingering cough.

– 2.08 mile warm-up, 19:04 (9:11/mi)
– 5 mile MP interval, 41:11 (8:15/mi)
– 5 minute recovery, 0.56 mi
– 4 mile MP interval, 31:55 (7:59/mi)
– 4 minute recovery, 0.45 mi
– 3 mile MP interval, 26:02 (8:41/mi)
– 3 minute recovery, 0.31 mi
– 2 mile MP interval, 16:55 (8:28/mi)
– 2 minute recovery, 0.21 mi
– 1 mile MP interval, 9:01
– 1.41 mi cool down 13:17 (9:26/mi)

RunningAHEAD – Strings_n_88keys’s log: View Workout.

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