Is it a bad sign to see vultures circling on your run?

Turkey Vulture
Image by TexasEagle via Flickr

I saw 5-6 turkey vultures today on my run at mile 5 1/2 [on Broad Run Road]. Before I realized that were swooping down on your garden variety roadkill, the sight of them evoked some disturbing [in a funny way] thoughts.

Of course, then, I started thinking that squirrels on Seatonville Road and Broad Run Road must not be as good at dodging cars as on the other roads on my route.  Then, I started wondering what I’m doing running on roads that so many squirrels have recently met their demise on.

Maybe I should go back to running with music on roads and sidewalks that are “safe”.  I clearly have too much time to think on my long runs.

This was my longest continuous run in about 2 months.  Every single run since [including my Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon DNF] has had more than one long pitstop or a prolonged walk break.  And so, a 15 mile non-stop long run is my longest run in at least two months.  I can’t completely confirm that my 20-mile long run through Iroquois Park and UofL were continuous runs either, but I know that there weren’t many places that I could have stopped.

The pace for today’s run was a 9’31″/mile average pace, which is about 50 seconds slower than I would have liked, but I’d rather be in one piece for my next long run than hit some time goal on a training run 5 months from my goal marathon.

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