Haskell resources

In order to reclaim some of our programming mojo that has waned from years of maintenance programming and meetings, a couple of us programmers decided to go and try to learn a completely new language–Haskell.

I think this expedition was spurred by a blog post titled Great resources to learn Haskell. I’m as much a math geek as I am a computer geek–I competed on my high school Math Team–so a functional programming language is a natural fit for my hobbyist interest.

Resources that I’ve used so far:

Learn You a Haskell for a Great Good! is an entertaining introduction to Haskell that reminds me a lot of Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, but without the comic strip story telling.

Haskell for C Programmers is a online book that resonates well with me, because of my deep roots in C programming.


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