Do you really want me as a customer?

  • Don’t make me log in or create an account just to place my order.
  • Don’t make me do a password reset just because I haven’t logged in and I’ve forgotten my password.  If you absolutely insist on doing a password reset, do this instead:
    • Take my email and password + repeat password, regardless of whether I have an account under that email address currently or not.
    • Send a confirmation link to my email address.
    • Process payment once email has been confirmed.
    • I still insist that, unless you are a BANK, you do not need me to confirm that I am associated with some arbitrary identity that you have established in your system.
  • Recognize all of the common phone number representations. I should error out on
  • Don’t ask me to enter the +4 part of a zip code.
  • If your address lookup or data feed includes the +4 part of a zip code, it should match a 5-digit zip code without making me confirm or recalculate shipping.

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