Bundler gave the error “Could not find {some gem} in any of the sources”, processing Gemfile in wrong directory


I was persistently getting the error:

Bundler gave the error "Could not find json-1.8.1 in any of the sources" while processing "/Users/tpowell/projects/some_other_project/Gemfile". Perhaps you forgot to run "bundle install"?

While trying to fix a bug in paperclip_database that was similar to Paperclip Gerenator – No Method Error in paperclip

I eventually found an issue referencing this problem in the rbenv github repo.:

It is recommended to not use the rbenv-bundler plugin, as it has been the source of many problems


I ended up uninstalling the rbenv-bundler plugin as a result.

But hey, kudos to rbenv-bundler author for taking the complaint in stride.

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