Using jquery us map to Create a Map of States That Can Be Toggled

The us-map plugin was already in use elsewhere and I wanted to create a clickable map that would display an anchor state and allow for configuration of related states.

Also in use is the gon gem to allow passing of data directly into Javascript, included in a Rails 4.1 project.

Controller code:

  # assume @state is the current state
  gon.current_state_code = @state.state_code 
  gon.regional_states = @state.related_state_codes # returns ["AL", "AK", ...]

View code:

<%# this is inside a form and states_list maintains the current list of selected states%>
<%= hidden_field_tag 'states_list' %>

Associated CoffeeScript:

states = ->
  # initialize the hidden field for states selected
      fill: 'lightGray'
    stateSpecificStyles: do ->
      # current state is red, selected states green
      specificStyles = {}
      specificStyles[gon.current_state_code] = fill: 'red'

      for state in gon.regional_states
        specificStyles[state] = fill: 'green'

    click: (event, data) ->
      # don't allow current state to be selected
      if != gon.current_state_code
        # add green as a specific style or delete to toggle state highlight
        if this.stateSpecificStyles[]
          delete this.stateSpecificStyles[]
          this.stateSpecificStyles[] = fill: 'green'

      # this could be more intelligent, but I'm just recalculating along the way
      regionalStates = []
      for key of this.stateSpecificStyles
        if this.stateSpecificStyles[key]['fill'] != 'red'

$(document).ready ->
  if gon? && gon.regional_states?

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