Emacs errors in process sentinel: WakaTime Error (127)

I was setting up the wakatime-mode extension in a fresh Emacs For Mac OS X install so report to WakaTime. After setting up the CLI in my home directory I was getting the following message on saving:

Emacs errors in process sentinel: Wakatime error
Emacs error with wakatime-mode

It sounded like WakaTime Error (127) #35, but I was able to run the command at my shell.

Of course, the problem is that since I installed the extension into my home directory, I specified it this way in the init.el:

(setq wakatime-cli-path "~/.wakatime/wakatime-cli")

Unfortunately, ~ won’t get expanded like it will in my zsh.

Changing it to the full path, i.e.,

(setq wakatime-cli-path "/Users/powell/.wakatime/wakatime-cli")

will resolve the error in WakaTime.

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