Windows command equivalent to which

If you’re used to working in a unix-like, you’ve probably made use of the which command to find an executable… but what is the Windows command equivalent?

which - Windows command equivalent where

Windows command equivalent: Command Prompt version – where

where executable_file_name will return the location of any executable file in the path that can be invoked by that file name. where more will find and where cmd will find cmd.exe and print out the full path to each.

PowerShell version – Get-Command

Get-Command (or its alias gcm) will return an object representing the command that can be invoked by that name. If it is a distinct executable file, you can retrieve the string representation of the path by wrapping the invocation in parentheses and added .path to extract the path, e.g., (gem cmd).path. This won’t return anything for cmdlets but Get-Command/gcm will return an object representing how those commands are defined, whether they are cmdlets, aliases, or distinct executables.

PowerShell windows command equivalent to which with extra features

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